What I do

My main goal is to have fun first. My work is governed by an overwhelming desire to create a relaxed, fun filled environment. The technical aspect of the work is taken care of; it’s in the bag. I’m intent on taking the best possible headshot to convey the character of the person in front of my lens. I am very particular. A bit of a perfectionist who feels complete elation when given positive feedback. I do this for the love of it.

How I Do

The head shot session comprises of process that is designed to get the widest range of shots for your personal brand or business. It’s my recommendation to carry more changes than you think necessary as this will allow for plethora of options which will give more scope in terms of looks.

Headshots are generally shot from above the chest. Giving as much emphasis to the facial expressions as possible in order to capture the essence of your personality through direction and coaching. We will spend as much time needed to ensure you are satisfied. Never will you be rushed out as bookings are scheduled to allow time needs to make sure you are happy with the outcome. Sessions generally last a up to 3 hours and include a wide gamut of images to choose from.

The final part of the session will be collating and choosing the best Images that have been reviewed throughout the session. At this point you will select the agreed number of shots, with the option to purchase any others.

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